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Cassel & Cassel focuses its practice solely on the representation of residential and commercial policyholders in property damage insurance claims from pre-suit assistance to litigation through trial.  Whether a claim has been under paid or outright denied, our attorneys are here to help. Contact our experienced attorneys today for a free consultation.

When there is a dispute over the coverage of an insurance claim, the attorneys at Cassel & Cassel analyze the entirety of the situation and provide aggressive and diligent representation to ensure the policyholder is adequately and appropriately compensated.  Insurance policies are written so that the average policyholder either does not understand or, quite simply, gives up trying to comprehend the coverages provided.  With over 30 combined years of experience representing insurance companies, our attorneys can help you not only navigate the provisions of your policy but also take the necessary steps to ensure the insurance company applies the terms of your policy appropriately to the facts of your claim. 

It is reasonable to expect that the insurance company will adjust, inspect, and investigate your claim in line with the terms of your policy and governing Florida law before it pays out policy benefits.  This process may include site inspections, document requests, and other such compliance with the conditions in your insurance contract.  We will guide you through this process and ensure your interests are protected.   In some cases, establishing coverage is only step one.  The insurance company may still dispute the amount of damages at issue.  Our experience and know-how, coupled with our extensive network of contractors and engineers, can assist you in quantifying your damages quickly and accurately at no upfront cost to you.

The insurance claim process may take longer in some claims as opposed to others.  Our attorneys can help you through the adjustment process and make an otherwise stressful situation more tolerable.  We can work with the carrier to try to resolve your claim as quickly as possible.  Sometimes, however, an insurance company may act outside the scope of the policy or applicable law.   In these situations, our courtroom experience allows us to hold insurance companies accountable for unreasonable tactics and bad faith insurance practices.

The law requires that insurance companies act in good faith and deal fairly with policyholders.  When the carrier does not, it can be held liable for the damage caused to its policyholders.  At Cassel & Cassel, we help insureds hold their insurance carriers accountable for bad faith practices and work to ensure our clients are compensated for the harm sustained as a result of improper investigations, misrepresentations of coverage, unsatisfactory settlement offers, unreasonable denials, or undue delay.

If you have experienced an underpayment of benefits or an outright claim denial, or if you have experienced bad faith insurance practices, contact the attorneys at Cassel & Cassel for a free evaluation

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